You probably already know not to cut off the third prong of an electrical plug in order to fit it into a two-prong electrical outlet. If you didn't already know, you do now. But why is this dangerous and, if it is, why do some outlets only have two prongs in the first place? Read to find out.
Rodent pests are a real danger to home electrical systems. The damage often goes undetected until unexpected electrical problems develop seemingly out of nowhere, and eventually you have fatally electrocuted critters to clean up after.
You traveled overseas, found some wonderful foreign appliance or device and just can't wait to use it in the comfort of your own home. You know that the prongs are different but if you have a wall plug adapter you should be good to go, right?
When it comes to electrical safety, prevention is key. Having professional electrical work performed by reliable contractors is the best way to ensure that you won't have to deal with the dangers of an electrical fire.
For most homeowners, the residential electrical panel remains a mystery. It isn't until you discover your kitchen is completely without electricity while the rest of the house is fine that you'll open it up and peek inside.At that point, many people realize that they don't actually know what residential circuit breakers are, what they do, or why they're important. This is especially true…
Outdoor lighting is one of the most spectacular ways to set your home apart. The correct use of landscape lights on your home at night can make it look like a work of art. Pathway lights, patio lights, and accent lighting all combine to give your home a magazine cover-worthy appeal at night.
Chances are you have a vampire in your home. An energy vampire.But don't worry, energy vampires aren't ghoulish creatures of Transylvanian myth – they're appliances and devices that continually draw electricity even when not in use. Most televisions and electronic devices fall into this category, and the costs they incur can add up quickly.
How many mobile devices do you keep in your home? Certainly your smartphone comes to mind first, but you might also have a tablet, laptop computer, or other peripheral device that needs to be plugged in to charge. Multiply that by the number of people living in your home and you'll be surprised at just how many devices you own.…
Power outages can wreak havoc on your home’s electrical system, appliances, and devices. Knowing what to do in the event of a power outage can help to protect your home and belongings, and in some cases, yourself. 
For the handy, replacing a doorbell can be a fun DIY electrical project. 
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