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5 Cooling Systems You Wouldn’t Want to Miss This Summer

In the scorching heat of summer, nothing can be better than being in a comfortable, cool home. Efficient appliance choice and home design can help you create the perfect ambient temperature for your beloved home, without making you pay high energy costs.

Hire energy smart electricians in Irvine to get access to well designed, practical cooling systems to keep your home cool in summer. This is the best means you can use to lower your needs for costly cooling appliances and the overall energy expenses. Read on to figure out a few passive cooling systems that can cool your home without using extra electricity:


You can have insulation installed in the floors, walls, and ceilings of your home to keep out unwanted heat. You can keep your home up to 7 degrees cooler in the summer season by covering its west and north sides. Deciduous trees and adjustable external shading are a few other effective options that you can use for this purpose.


Homes built to promote cross ventilation tend to be cooler and more comfortable. This will minimize the need for high-tech cooling systems. Consider having vents, doors, and windows in opposite walls to ensure proper air movement. You can even open up the doors and windows to let the fresh, cooling breeze in.

Energy-Efficient Design

The structural design of your home and the related installations determine how hot your property can become in summer. Though a north-facing home gets natural sunlight for a great part of the day, this can increase its indoor temperature significantly. While building or renovating your home, consider making it as energy-efficient as possible to minimize your potential cooling needs.

Covered Windows

You can use external blinds, eaves, trees, pergolas, or verandas to shade your windows from the outside. This cooling effect will further be intensified if you use blinds or heavy curtains to cover windows on the inside. What’s more, darker glass or reflective tints in windows will surely keep heat out.

Cooling Alternatives

Use fans, evaporative coolers, or refrigerative air conditioners to cool air inside your home to a certain temperature. Make sure to use quality cooling systems to avoid excessive energy consumption. Avail expert electrician services to get an energy-saving cooling system installed in your home.

Be energy smart and keep unwanted heat out of your home!

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