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5 Signs of Home Electrical Problems

As residential structures age, the old, damaged electrical wiring can cause serious problems within the walls that you, like many homeowners, may not notice. You simply have to be a prudent homeowner to observe the warning signs these electrical problems usually show.

Once you’ve identified these signs, you’ll be able to understand the problem and make the right repairs to avoid potential damage. Though you can resolve some electrical issues on your own, it is better to seek help from the Orange County’s electricians to ensure professional diagnosis and repair.

Take a look at the following signs that your “worn out” electrical wiring may show to indicate a possible problem:

Flickering Lights

Constantly dimming lights usually indicate an overloaded circuit. Imagine this. You turn on a motor driven device. It may require more amps to ensure efficient operation. A circuit with good wiring will rarely flicker while operating this device. Though momentary flickering may be normal in most situations, constant dimming may represent a poorly working circuit breaker or faulty wiring that should be replaced at the earliest.

Damaged Circuit Breakers

A circuit breaker protects electrical wiring from overheating and the related problems. With time, this protection device may wear out and trip more often. Does your circuit breaker go out frequently? If yes, then you may have plugged various high amp electrical devices into the same circuit. If it isn’t the case, then the electrical wiring may have a short somewhere along the circuit.

Sparks and Burning Smell

Though this issue usually indicates a defective device, it may also be a sign of overload problem or damaged wiring. This problem can further cause an electrical fire. There may be a problem with your circuit if you observe frequent sparks while plugging in a device. To keep your home, appliances, and family protected, consult professional residential electricians to get your electrical wiring inspected.

Shocking Outlets

Shocking outlets simply indicate that the outlet is damaged. In fact, a wire in the electrical circuit may be shorting out to the conduit surrounding the wires.

Loose Contacts

Do the plugs of your electrical devices fall out of the sockets? Well, the switch may have a loose connection. Not only encouraging a short, this problem can easily cause an electrical fire.

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