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Electrical Energy Saving Solutions

The following are some of the best ways with which you are going to save a lot of electrical energy:

Turn the Water Heater Heat Down to 60 degrees Celsius

Keeping the temperature at sixty degrees uses less electrical energy than keeping a temperature of seventy degrees. Do not drop it lower than sixty degrees as this is the ideal temperature at which you are provided with a number of health benefits. In most models, the thermostat is situated in the small cover above the electrical constituent of your water heater.

Turn off the electricity course at the main point; open the cover and then just turn down the water heater thermostat by using the screw driver. Alternatively, you can also hire an electrician to assist you (for safety reasons, ensure that you tell the other members of your residence that you are turning off the electrical power for this reason).

Reduce Unnecessary Cooling or Heating

Room heating in winters is a huge power ‘guzzler’, plus the exact equivalent for summer cooling in those houses with cooling systems. Use the best equipment that you can find for your air-conditioning as well as heating systems; and only cool or heat the rooms that you occupy the most.

The room’s warmth is not supposed to be greater than ten degrees (Celsius) compared to the external temperature. Oil or fan heaters with thermostats are also a good option. Avoid the use of under floor warming equipment.

In summer, make use of a fan rather than the air-conditioning. The finest ‘no cost’ saving alternatives are substitutes like wearing thicker clothing along with using blankets during the winter season, or opening your windows throughout the summer.

Install Competent Lighting

Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) make use of 75% less power compared to luminescent bulbs, and they also last much longer. Bear in mind that CFLs are full of minute amounts of damaging chemicals; hence please get rid of them safely. The very best way to get rid of them is to deliver them to the various safe and sound ‘drop off’ places; for example at sellers like the Lowes or Home Depot.

The innovative ‘light - emitting diodes’ or the LEDs as they are commonly known, are an improvement over CFLs, and can last approximately one hundred and thirty times longer than them. They have inadequate relevance in houses at this point in time, but are the perfect substitutes for halogen down illumination system.

They will help you save your money the most, and even though they possibly will be very expensive at present; the price of installing them is actually coming down as the awareness spreads. Obviously, switching off the lights in an unoccupied room is, in addition, an understandable method to save electrical power.

You can also hire a professional electrician who can help you locate the various places where your house might be wasting electrical energy. It is always advisable to have an electrician survey your house once in a while as well.

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