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Tips on Tuning Up an Electrical Generator

If you make use of an electric supply generator for your business or home, you know how precious it can be during a big hurricane or any time the electricity supply is unstable. Therefore, if you want to make sure that the generator works effortlessly when you require it to, it is important that you maintain it!

After a violent storm knocks the power out, the generator could be in use for the whole day for quite a few days. To get ready for times like these, here are a number of ways you can maintain your generator so that it remains in good shape.

Maintaing an Electrical Generator

  • Make sure that there is proper propane pressure or natural gas connected to your generator according to the generator requirements
  • Monitor the fluid levels of your generator, including oil, lubricants, and fuel in particular, after prolonged usage.
  • Check the generator from time to time to make certain it is producing the correct amount of voltage.
  • Visually examine all fuel positions and links for loose connections, kinks, or leaks.
  • Do not wait for an electric outage to learn if the generator still works or not! Make sure all the indicating lights are working correctly and perform weekly performance tests as required.
  • While it is running, adjust the oil as well as filters following the first eight hours of the run time. After that, refer to the customer’s manual for generator specifications.
  • Never place anything on the top of your generator.
  • Keep the space around your generator free from debris for example grass and leaves.

Standby Generators

Besides these guidelines, it is very vital to have the standby generator examined by an authorized electrician and electrical contractors. Bear in mind, a lot of home and business generators have a restricted warranty and need service from an approved electrician in order to ensure that the guarantee can be availed.

Standby generators’ preservation prerequisites might vary considerably based on the kind of generator you are dealing with. For example, business generators are mainly, alternator generators.


Alternators have motionless windings (which generate the alternating current) and revolving windings (which produce direct current). Because rotating windings often go through a major quantity of resistance when functioning, customary tune ups as well as electrical repair will be required to restore them to proper functioning every now and then.

This winter, to prepare your home for the very worst of situations, make sure the generator you own works to perfection. Hire a professional electrician to confirm this and help you if the generator needs some tuning up!

You can also purchase the very latest generator to guarantee that you have the best option available. It is always advisable to take the necessary precautions as unexpected circumstances can occur without any warning. It is always better to be prepared that to be sorry!

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