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Top 5 Power Outage Safety Tips to Help You Stay Protected

Unexpected power outages can be troublesome and frustrating, particularly when they last a long time. Of course, it is better to plan ahead for such challenging situations, but it is also critical to understand how you should proceed if you’re caught completely unprepared. Many specialized electrician services can help you determine the basic steps you should take in the event of a power outage. Go through the following tips to get started:

Arrange Emergency Supplies

There are a few important emergency tools that you should always have on hand. For instance, include a portable radio, flashlight, batteries, canned food items, granola bars, a change of clothes, shoes, blankets, and water bottles in your emergency kit. Don’t forget to arrange a well-equipped first aid kit.

Food Safety is Important

If there is a power outage for less than four hours, you can safely consume the food in your refrigerator. However, you should keep the freezer and refrigerator tightly closed to ensure the food’s freshness and safety. In case the power goes out for more than four hours, dispose of any food items whose temperature is below 41 degrees.

Stay Safe From Electrocution

Following are a few things that any professional electrician in Irvine may tell you to avoid in a power outage:

  • Operate a generator with wet hands.
  • Operate a generator in wet or rainy conditions.
  • Use electrical equipment with wet hands.
  • Touch exposed electrical cables or wires.
  • Get close to sagging or downed power lines.

Avoid Getting Overheated

If there is a power outage in the scorching summer months, consider staying in your home’s lowest level as it may be the coolest area at the moment. Drink plenty of water. Put on light-colored, light-weight clothing.

Protection From Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Many people operate generators or charcoal grills inside their homes when there is a power outage. Their negligent behavior can expose them to the odorless fumes of carbon monoxide and get them killed. Don’t use propane or gasoline powered generators inside your home.

Consult expert residential electricians to learn more power outage safety tips and stay safe.

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