Horoscope january 18 cancer or cancer

Weekly Horoscope: January 26 – February 1st

Feelings escape the chill zone this week. Mars, your ruler, enters soul mate fire sign Sagittarius. Twin flames in your future? A total lunar eclipse connects the Moon and Ceres.

Cancer Horoscope

These two encourage independence and self-nurturing. See what is meant about picking up speed? They blend your intuitive strength and warm heart, supporting the choices you make. Mars enters your solar eighth house. You may suddenly receive a sexy signal, or you may be the one sending off flares.

Exercise and self-approval push the reset button. See love and romance as your Venus-ruled birthright. Mars opens a whole new path.

This fireball transits to your solar seventh house of partnerships. Everything moves at a faster pace.

The total lunar eclipse is especially focused on you. The Moon reflects your deepest wishes.

Jan. 18: Your daily horoscope

Ceres is nearby, making sure you are heard. Mars is not always a comfort when he enters a fire sign, which happens this week. For you, however, he brings confidence and focus in your work.

Things move speedily along, always a bonus in winter.

The total lunar eclipse is powerful for Cancer, as the Moon is your ruling planet. At the same degree as Ceres, what you let go of is replaced by what truly touches your heart.

Mars transits to a confident position, adding focus and drive. The total lunar eclipse holds a special place for Leos, as the Moon is in your sign.

More Horoscopes for Cancer

The Moon and Ceres merge at the same degree in the heavens, combining their energies to make sure you find a love worth holding onto. Stoke up your internal fires to keep warm this week. Mars transits to add a feisty, optimistic view about life at home.

Check out what the stars say your day will be like today.

A change required will actually revitalize you and bring more than promised. Your feelings are respected and valuable. Or, at the very least, stretch, bend and relax them when we need to.

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When we push ourselves to extremes, it takes a toll on our physical and emotional health. I'm mentioning this only because, in the build up to , you'll face a conundrum that tempts you to push restrictions, limits and principles you'd never usually dream of violating.

Cancer Health & Wellness Horoscope

I'm not suggesting you should throw them out of the window - just don't hold on to anything too dogmatically. What kind of a year will it be? Will you get what you've been wishing for?

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