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Pisces weekly horoscope for may 21 2018

But once a bunch of planets go retrograde starting in April, Saturn and Pluto almost come conjunct, and the solar eclipse in Cancer happens And meaning, love, and devotion will be infused in everything you do! Just hang in there. It is coming, but absolutely cannot be rushed! If you already ordered my planner, you should have already received the completed PDF in your inbox a few days ago.

Also, a hard copy of the planner WILL be available for sale. However, that will not be for another 2 weeks until that happens. Just waiting to get a proof of the hard copy before I make it official. Get your PDF copy here and download it right away https: I am also scheduling personal reading starting the week of January 21!

Scheduling is first come first serve! This year has been tough, lots of ups and downs, with much change. Now, it is time to heal and nurture yourself emotionally after everything has happened.

That is because the next 6 months will require much hard work and commitment at the upcoming solar eclipse in Capricorn. Make sure you prepare now emotionally to handle the tasks that lay before you. This will require a hard and honest look at everything that has happ Find out more in the video below: For those asking, I am now scheduling personal readings starting January 10th , so if you want to know what your year ahead looks like, or how the eclipses will personally affect your life, book at the link below!

The message of this card is two-fold. If you are feeling lost, do your best to prioritize and direct your efforts especially with Mars in Pisces making your daydreams especially vivid. Do one or two things ONLY at a time!!

And only focus on the things th Instead, focus on the tasks you can do, that you need to do, and that are yielding to your efforts once you take the first few steps. If you focus on both of these small things, it should help you to calm your nerves and get more of your needs met by the end of this week than maybe now seems possible.

Now booking personal reading starting January 9, click the link below to book scheduling is first come first serve www. There is one more week until the full moon in Cancer! We could simultaneously be feeling good about the progress we have made so far this year to re-calibrate our relationships, finances, and sense of self-worth It can be quite confusing, but the astrology is sending us slightly mixed messages.

BUT the sun in Sag is coming into a square with Chiron, making us for some reason still feel bad about all the adjustments we have had to make or continue to make. With the sun in a trine to Uranus, we may feel also like now is do or die to get some of the things done that we need done! Make last minute efforts to assure your own freedom and liberation from all of the challenging events of this year, and try not to doubt yourself.

Things are better than you think. It is just the transition from the past few months to the next few months that is hard.

Give your soul space to feel its way forward, heal, and get its footing — without judging your progress or reactions too harshly. It's almost ready get your PDF version at www. For those asking the next available dates I have for personal readings start January 9 so if you want a reading to start your year go to wondergirlastrology.

Instead, be patient, hold your ground, and stay the course.

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Pushing things too hard this week may not yield the results you want. Use this week instead to become more firm in your resolve and more clear on your needs, re Just know you might not see action on that resolve and on those needs until later. Also, I am in the last stages of completing my astrological planner.

I will let you all know as soon as it is available!! Today, as Chiron stations getting ready to go direct early tomorrow morning, it is time to experience the more positive part of that equation, and less of the negative.

It is time to get a real awareness of what in the past has caused your wounding, and how It is time also to understand that all the things from the past that have hurt you were not meant to bring you down and bury you Use today to find that inner healing and wisdom, and with Chiron being in Pisces, approach the world feeling more whole and at peace.

Are you ready to manifest your dreams next year??? Be prepared and stay in the know and learn how to navigate the upcoming Astrology with my Wonder Girl Astrology planner that includes:. This planner is designed for those who are passionate about Astrology and want to live their best life!

You can use the planner to aid in personal self reflection, manifesting goals, spiritual growth and development, or to plan your life, do's and do nots according to the stars! This is the moon we have been waiting for! This alignment is encouraging you to SAY and DO all the things that were left unsaid and undone just a short time period ago.

It is all about NOW not shying away from difficult conversations just because they are uncomfortable, but in speaking and saying the uncomfortable thing!

Leo may 30 2018 horoscope

And once we speak and say those things They are, in fact, much better, much easier, and way more fortunate that we once thought! That is because much inner and deep transformation has occurred in the meantime.

The magic is in the saying, speaking, and unveiling of deeply held truths. Real insights about your life and a new awareness about your situation can occur in a positive way if you just take the leap to say what you feel. My wonder girl astrology planner PDF version is now available with an early bird special if you pre-order before December 15, Get days of astrology and all of the most important transits for next year and live your best life!

I am also booking readings starting January eclipse season!

May 11 leo daily horoscope


It is time to understand that, and embrace instead all of the things that DID stick with you and DID make the cut into this next chapter of your life. They are just as goo If you feel there is still something or someone in your life you need to add in or let go of before making things final, you have ONE WEEK left to make that happen.

Next year will be all about building on top of and bringing to success and completion all the things you decide now. And happy decision making! Venus opposed Uranus two times in the past three months. This will be the last time Venus makes this aspect.

If there are some choices you feel you need to make in regards to relationships and money that have been weighing on you for months, then this video is for you!.

You may make decisions that are what you need on the surface..

My recommendation then is to hold off making any official decisions until December 7 at the new moon in Sagittarius, right after Mercury goes direct. You will eventually need to incorporate that new information and insight into your plans in order to make better choices that you will not just feel happy with now, but will also feel happy with later.

There is a good solution to your problems, and a middle way. But the solution must be based on a deep and intimate knowledge of yourself and your situation, with the foresight too of what the future could bring. Neglecting to have the hard or deep discussions after giving these choices much thought can lead to you making plans and decisions about your life… that look good on the surface, but are ultimately hollow — a pretty shell!

Key deep discussions about your wants and needs, from a much better vantage point, are needed first. Love it or hate it? I can feel things getting lighter but then also feel moments of frustration.

The moon in Leo today too making quincunxes to both Mars and Saturn could highlight those frustrations. We want to just enjoy life and have fun. But practical progress must still be in made, especially in the physical in order to make this happine Sun square Mars too could make us very impatient.

That almost goes against the long-term focus and planning Saturn in Capricorn is trying to teach us right now. To overcome the tension, learn to enjoy the practical work you have in front of you, and get to doing the things you know you need to succeed.

Cancer Monthly Horoscope

You will only start to feel better once you see the work being done in a tangible way, without getting too lost in all these other distractions. For those asking I still have room for personal readings at the end of December and in January This week Mercury will square Mars and conjunct Jupiter and the sun The square to Mars can bring up feelings of anger or frustration, and could also bring some harsh words shared between you and another.

Know that what you are feeling has nothing to do with things actually happening in reality The major theme of this period is looking at the relationship with your spouse if you have one. This could be a time when you realise you need to take their feelings into account and that you have been functioning a little too independently.

This can be a lovely time of reconciliation if the relationship has been going through a rocky patch. Your romantic relationships, or lack of them, are given a great cosmic shot in the arm by the Solar Eclipse.

This can work out in a variety of ways.

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You will experience yearning for a soulmate which might actually prompt you into doing something to rectify that solo situation, something you might not have been motivated to do before. Therefore it really could be that the classic Eclipse in the house of marriage, actually does bring a marriage!

Or at least a marriage of sorts. You could also form a partnership that could be life-changing in terms of a business too. Legal contracts are highlighted, so important deals can be signed during this time also.

Are you feeling insecure because your perceived value relies so much on the material success of another? This can emphasis the parasitical relationship between banker and borrower or the addict and its drug pusher.

This Lunar eclipse will hit you hard in the pocket if you rely too much on the generosity of others. We feel good about ourselves when we have worked hard on our usefulness in the world.

This does not mean we have to be earning big bucks, our worth can be bringing up children with patience and kindness. Mercury travels through your 7th house from January 5 to This is a time for cooperation and teamwork and you will find yourself slipping easily between different sections of the company. If you work for yourself, this is the time to get out of the cave and go networking.

In that case, seek input from others who can offer a fresh perspective.

Cancer Love & Money For January 2019

Maybe you have run out of ideas requiring assistance from people who can help you see things from a different view. This is not the time to try and be too self-sufficient. Getting business coaching would be a good move or simply getting together socially with people you work with just so you can brainstorm as a team in a more informal manner.

Venus enters your 6th house on January 7. This is the optimum time for getting into a good health routine. So pamper and preen yourself in the meantime because Venus enters your marriage house next month.

Until then, this is a time of deferred gratitude, so get any boring, self-maintenance tasks out of the way like going to the dentist. You can enjoy guilt-free leisure time later on when your social life picks up again. These horoscopes are most accurate when read for your ascendant, but if you have your Sun plus a stellium 2 or more planets in this sign then you will find that these horoscopes will ring true for your Sun also.

All mainstream horoscopes are written using solar houses, which, in others words, is writing for your ascendant. If you do not know your ascendant please use this free chart maker to find it.

Once you have done that you can also read more about your rising decan and star too! It is the most personal point of your chart and the only one Along with your ruling planet that really describes you personally and your incarnation for this lifetime. The ascendant is also the relationship axis, so the influences above will play out mostly in how the subject relates to others.

With Cancer decan 1 the persuading pirouettes and rabid loyalty behaviour will be most notable in love relationships.