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You will gain more access to money. For the year you will make yourselves comfortable in handling monetary prospects. You name and fame in social status will be bright. There will be cordial relationship with the family members and you may have pleasure trips.

Relationship with friends and relatives will be satisfactory Some may tend to incline towards spiritualism and may get new friends in this area Journeys are pleasant and beneficial. Religious travel is probable You may participate spiritual activities and may have the blessing of enlightened master Social activities of you may be honored by reputed persons.

You may find happiness and inner satisfaction in doing social activities. You need to concentrate on your health after the transit of Jupiter that is due to happen in October A Gemini person is a multiple-skilled person.

A Gemini born will generally be business person, have good communication skills, will be innovative and intelligent. However, a Gemini Moon is indecisive by nature.

Gemini born is a practical person and is a go-getter.

Gemini Monthly Horoscope

Feed the poor patients on Saturday. Offer donations to beggars.

Gemini - Weekly Horoscope - 15th May - 21st May 2016 by

Unfavorable Months during these months you are advised to pray to your favorite deity and perform recommended rituals June, July, August, September, October, December. This year would be a roller coaster ride for you. You would be daring, fresh and capable of handling challenging situations.

Sometimes, you may be dull and down. Your potential would rely on tackling situations with intelligence and shrewdness. At times, you may shy away from the society. This year, you are all set to progress and achieve a long-pending project.

2019 Gemini Horoscope: You Spouse Will Support You

While you may feel a bit exhausted, it would take time to get going in full flow. You would have to fight an intelligent opposition this year. Avoid unnecessary visits to places with a huge gathering of people. Your efforts would be acknowledged at your workplace and there may be offers, promotions, and rise in position. Some of you may be promoted after following strict protocols.

Yearly Horoscope by Moon Sign

Even though you may not like the changes, you would be satisfied with the wages. Be dedicated towards your profession. Do not oppose your superiors or colleagues.

Life Meter

Your word of advice would be considered for the development of the employees and the organization. This year, you would have more pressure at office and business.

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There is not going to be any creative developments if you plan to sit in one place. Instead, move, it would be a memorable experience to relish for the future.

Gemini Money and Finances

Motivate your team and subordinates. If you are a new entrant or a subordinate in a team, stay punctual and perform your duties on time. This year, there shall be happiness in your family.

There may be more expectations from your family members upon you, which could make you more responsible. You would get affection and support from family members. Your family might plan an outstation trip. Initially, you may not be interested.

But, later on, you would agree to their persistent request. Take good care of your mother, as she may face some health problems related to neck, shoulder, or lower abdomen.

Your elder brother would offer you a supportive hand. There could be some misunderstandings with younger siblings. Better communication shall solve the problem. Your life partner would play second fiddle role. Your partner would closely monitor your activities. Even after facing many troubles, you would find peace at home.

Offer help or assist elders at home. Try to be trustworthy. Ganesha Fire Lab for Happiness in Family. This year, there shall be no deficit in your financial prospects. However, you would give away money out of affection to your near and dear ones at home and outside.

There may be uncontrollable expenses rolling out from your pocket if you do not control it. You would gain money occasionally and try to spend for constructive purposes.

Spending money for auspicious events at home is predicted. Some may try to get money from you by praising your qualities. You may also lose money out of anger, frustration, jealousy, and ego. Try to have control over all these emotional aspects. Think wisely and spend vigilantly. Gemini-born is enthusiastic and full of life, and always crave for accomplishing new and interesting things, however, their enthusiasm is infectious at times.

Gemini-born are blessed with brilliant communication skills. They are a soft-spoken lot! They can sell just about anything to anyone with their outstanding verbal skills. Gemini-born can effortlessly impress you with their wit and humour, and you will never get bored in their company. Besides, their spontaneity adds to their natural charm.

A Gemini can easily keep you entertained and involved for hours. Gemini are born intellectuals, they are always interested in learning numerous subjects.

They are clever and sharp individuals and they will not shy away from voicing their opinions. Gemini-born are so sharp and prompt that it is hard for them to stay interested and focused in the projects they start with.

Such inconsistency is their main drawback.

Yearly Horoscope 2019

Gemini-born is enthusiastic and full of life, and always crave for accomplishing new and interesting things, however, their enthusiasm is infectious at times. Their life, in total, revolves around their need to communicate. They dislike to be in a leadership position, or in a career that forces them to remain in the same place most of the time, since many of them, by nature, are foot-loose and fancy free. Life Meter Know the percentages of different aspects of your physical and mental state. Do not oppose your superiors or colleagues.

Gemini-born are often tagged as superficial people because of their inability to delve deep and pay attention to details. Gemini-born are constantly in two minds whenever they are supposed to decide on something.

At times, they lose out on very lucrative opportunities in their life due to their inability to decide.

2019 Gemini Horoscope: Stay Careful Regarding Health

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Gemini-born often lack the direction and focus in their life and so they easily get bored with the things that they are doing. Gemini-born are full of energy, but have a tendency to bite off more than they can chew. This leads to anxiousness and makes them erratic. To know more about the Gemini personality, read Gemini Nature.

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