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Who Is Your Perfect Partner Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

The reason for this is that most Cancers are willing to listen to reason, particularly when the advice comes from a calm and gentle voice like Virgo. Additionally, Cancers don't mind a Virgo's perfectionist streak since it can help these moon children feel more secure. From Virgo's perspective, it feels nice to feel valued, particularly when it comes to all the small gestures the sixth sign makes to show love.

Cancer not only recognizes these gestures, the crab genuinely appreciates and sees them as steps towards a greater romance. Cancer and Virgo are particularly well suited for one another.

Once in love, both tend to stay in love and are eager to please their partners. So pairing up means there's an easy give and take in the relationship.

Both take their time when it comes to choosing a significant other, and this is like a tonic to both when they realize just how lucky they are to be together. There's often plenty of attraction between Virgo and Scorpio , and that's mainly because Scorpio is fascinated by Virgo's calm and seemingly unflappable approach to love.

Scorpio feels things very intensely and is shocked by Virgo's rational yet calculated view of romance. It's Virgo's cool approach that drives Scorpio to want to ruffle Virgo's pristine feathers.

For Scorpio, this is quite a conquest and eventual victory! Further, both Virgo and Scorpio are signs that value intelligence and Scorpio loves the fact Virgo picks up on the smallest of details the eighth sign might have missed. Both Virgo and Scorpio like to acquire resources.

They share a love of beauty and place great importance on their home. Their living styles go well together, and their home is a place of order, comfort, and beauty.

Both members value community service and spending quality time with their families. They may belong to organizations separately or together, and they will genuinely respect one another's contributions to society. They are more likely to socialize through service activities than through attending parties.

Virgo Love Match Sign Compatibility

Virgos and Scorpios have similar parenting styles and usually work together to raise children with ease. Both have high expectations of their children and themselves, are devoted to home and family, and enjoy raising children.

The Scorpio's passionate and adventurous sexual nature can sometimes overwhelm the shy and practical Virgo. However, if Virgo will drop their defenses a little and Scorpio is willing to slow down a bit, the result will be amazing sexual encounters! This couple will also spend entire nights in bed talking to one another about things that are important to them, be it each other, children or politics.

Their love of communication and desire to understand one another can often keep them engaged until the sun comes up.

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Virgos and Scorpios want everything "perfect. From time to time, it will be necessary to use their powers of effective communication and put love before all else to work things out.

10 Best Zodiac Combinations For Relationships

Capricorn gives the impression of being serious and hardworking, and those are traits that Virgo appreciates. Capricorn likes things to look good, and Virgo likes things to be good and look good, so this is often an ideal pairing. Another factor Virgo finds fascinating about Capricorn is the fact that Capricorn often takes the long-term view when it comes to life, and this helps ease Virgo's fear that plans will be not be disrupted.

Virgo doesn't like surprises. These two signs often find that they have much in common on which they can build a long-term future. Capricorn and Virgo's Suns are trine one another, and this, as well as their shared earth element, strengthens the relationship between the two.

They are bound to see eye-to-eye more often than not, plus they hold a natural admiration and respect for each other. As lovers, Capricorn and Virgo find it easy to communicate their needs and their mutual trust makes this even easier to achieve.

A Leo has natural charisma that attracts potential mates, so they rarely have to pursue love.

2. List Sun, Moon, and Planets for Each

This zodiac sign loves the pleasure of sex and foreplay, and will enjoy a playful tease with their partner. Perfect partner for Leo: At the same time, Scorpio, Libra, Aries, Sagittarius, and other Leos can be compatible matches as well.

A Virgo has a lot of physical and emotional energy to give to the art of lovemaking. Keep this in mind when you consider that they like a serene environment, and a partner who will provide slow, sensual touching of any kind as foreplay.

Perfect partner for Virgo: Pisces is the perfect partner for Virgo. Taurus, Libra, Cancer, and Capricorn are compatible partner matches as well. Speaking words of love and intimacy also helps.

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

Perfect partner for Libra: Aries is the perfect partner for Libra. Gemini, Leo, Aquarius, and Sagittarius also make compatible partner matches. As a passionate lover with a high sex drive, Scorpio likes to play with creative scenarios involving power and control. Scorpio has a lot of energy to devote to lovemaking and they also have a deep emotional connection to their partner.

Perfect partner for Scorpio: Taurus is the perfect partner for Scorpio.

Leo, Virgo, Cancer, and Pisces are compatible partner matches as well. New is the best thing for a Sagittarius in the bedroom. Otherwise, your Sagittarrian lover may become bored. A Sagittarius is charming and affectionate in and out of the bedroom, and enjoys having fun in a relationship.

Perfect partner for Sagittarius: Tali realized that she was repressing her own desire to sing and express her creativity. While she skipped the hard liquor and hangovers, she did pick up the microphone and let herself belt out some tunes. The relationship has faded into history, but Tali hits the karaoke bar several nights a week.

As long as you're taking the leap into love, you might as well get something out of it. Here's how astrology and aspects can help you turn your relationships into soul-elevating personal growth.

As they say, how can you love somebody else unless you love yourself? If you date someone of the same sign, congratulations. You've probably embraced your quirks and accepted your humanity.

ARIES (March 21 to April 19) Generous/Short tempered

Now, you can celebrate that with a kindred spirit! If you haven't learned to love yourself, warts and all, this relationship can inspire some crucial self-acceptance. Maintain some separation between your lives, even if it's easy to hang out together.

Otherwise, passion may cool to a brother-sister vibe.

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Of course, all that friction can lead to explosive sexual chemistry, even an obsessive quest to figure each other out you never will.

Some astrologers believe that each sign is an evolved version of the one before it. The sign after yours is a teacher. However, like a rebellious teen seeking emancipation from a parent, you may never admit that this person has taught you anything.

This cosmic combination can make for painful breakups and a seething sexual tension that lingers for a lifetime.

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It's easy and breezy to date a person who lives two zodiac signs away. Your signs are always of a compatible "element" for example, they're a water sign and you're an earth sign, which are both of the "feminine" quality. You'll often have similar values and attitudes about politics, raising a family, which movies to rent.

Friendship and communication are the hallmarks of this aspect. Being best friends is easy. Keeping the sexy spark alive? You'll need to structure "date nights" or set up scenarios that get you out of buddy mode. Mommy and daddy issues, anyone? The square aspect is a harsh, degree angle between two signs that creates a push-pull dynamic.

It's the relationship that helps you work through issues with a difficult parent, usually by reactivating old, painful wounds. There can be power struggles and clashing agendas. Don't expect to kick back and put your feet up in this match.

The dynamic tension will keep you active and keyed up. Of course, that could be exactly what you want. The opportunity of the "square" aspect is to teach you how to compromise with an equally strong-willed partner.

TAURUS (April 20 to May 20) Artistic/Self-Indulgent

News You Can Use. Finding out which signs are your perfect match is key, in my opinion. Your opposite sign lives directly across the zodiac wheel from you. Sagittarius is social, talkative, and always optimistic. You'll need to adapt to your differences, which could take a great deal of adjustment, even discarding a former lifestyle.

When you strike that delicate balance, you can make an undeniable "power couple" — a true force to be reckoned with. Ah, home, sweet home. The trine sign mate has the same "element" as yours fire, earth, air, or water , creating an unspoken kinship and harmony.

At last — you don't have to constantly explain yourself.

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You've never felt so comfortable, so understood on a core level. This is the person you can burp and fart around or pee with the door open when they're home.