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I have felt the same way about Christmas since I was a young adult — as you point out, too old to benefit from all the receiving. And my mother has never understood why I dislike all of the hubbub. I bought a tree, I brought it to them, climbed into the garage rafters to find decorations and put together the Christmas the can no longer put together for themselves.

Not only were they thrilled, but it made me wonder why I have never given myself this beautiful gift. Thank you for another lovely essay. Thank you so much for sharing.

Blessings to you and your loved ones. April, I join in the chorus of thanks and of appreciation of your wisdom, your generosity in sharing, the cinematic quality of your writing and the fact that your work touches every single one of us reading you.

I wish you a great new year with all my heart, April, hopefully much better as soon as saturn moves away from your moon.

I'm your host, astrologer and author April Elliott Kent. I write books and essays, teach astrology, and talk to people about their lives. At this holiday season, may you have all of this and more, and everything your heart desires. Previous post Sagittarius New Moon: Next post Capricorn New Moon: Ekaterina December 22, Elizabeth Carver December 23, Lisa Moeller December 23, Eileen December 23, Susan Parcheta December 23, Reshma December 23, Adrianne December 23, Michele December 23, Jeannel December 23, Julie Pittman December 24, Anita December 24, Vivian the Virgo December 24, Susan December 24, LB December 24, Jessica Lynn December 24, Maria December 24, Penny December 24, Susan Caldwell December 24, Suzanne December 25, Maria December 28, Isabella January 7, Read more about me.

Cancer Full Moon: Mother Christmas

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Full Moon 2018 horoscope: What is YOUR December Full Cold Moon horoscope?

Whenever a Full Moon occurs in 0th degree, we have the unique opportunity to go back in time, to the seed level, and makes changes on the quantum level. This is because 0 represents the omega and alpha, where all potential is found and can be directed. Interestingly enough, the Solar Month of Capricorn begins the Winter Solstice, when the light begins to increase.

This year, the Winter Solstice begins on the Full Moon when we can connect back to the Summer Solstice to bring light back into our world at an accelerated rate…. Codependent relationships can be released and we will find the perfect balance between work and home life.

As much as Cancer loves to cling to family and traditions, the skies are inviting the Crab to loosen its grip. Andrew Ifandis, Cosmos of Astrology , looks at what the radical change agent is offering to both luminaries. Excitement becomes the prevailing mood that elevates the spirits of our loved ones.

Support is found and opportunities arise when we intuitively go with the flow and we remain open to the changes. We can easily make progress or try something new. Jamie Partridge, Astrology King , sees opportunity knocking.

You will feel more open to change in your life and may actively seek it out. This is a good Full Moon for trying something new in your domestic routine or personal life.

Liberation is on tap, even amid family ties, says Marina Marcario, Darkstar Astrology:. The soft aspects bring to fruition personal freedom, revolution and electric genius that has been refined over many lifetimes. The more outlandish the subject behaves, the more the public seems to lap it up.

Full Moon December 2018 Star ~ Betelgeuse

The sextile is supposedly harmonious energy, but we still get some challenge with this aspect. This Full Moon offers evolutionary growth you can believe in — and bank on. A growth that can be spiritual, the result of transformative processes that expand us, or material, wealth that comes as the result of patience and accomplishments in our chosen profession.

Success comes as the result of putting our hearts in what we do not only by self-ambition but also out of a genuine affection for our beloved ones in a responsible and practical manner. The aspect enhances the lure of memories and the sensation of living outside of ordinary time. Now Venus is opening our hands and hearts to receive, to trust, believe and simply allow.

And if we need a push, Mars is still close enough, just barely, to Neptune to go after what we want.

December 2018 Full Moon in Cancer

Says Jamie Partridge, Astrology King:. While not particularly an indicator of steamy sex, this aspect encourages tender touch and smooching. Connecting to a companion at the spiritual level is more important, though tantric sex would be most enjoyable. The nurturing impulses and lovey-dovey vibe may lead back to a place you think unlikely at first: Saturn is sextiling both Venus and Neptune, and his current directive is: Loving yourself, forgiving yourself, taking care of yourself are foundation pieces.

And they provide a platform for extending love to others. The heavens are vast, and so are the techniques astrologers have used to explore them. The closest is Menkalianan in the left shoulder of Auriga the Charioteer. Meditating with this stone provides insight into the best way to accomplish this, and helps bring future problems to light before they become too big.

A lot of people use Poppy Jasper to have a sense of security and comfort, and to increase feelings of peace, serenity, and wholeness. Frr Really the aspect of the Moon should be aspecting one of your personal planets or angles by 3 degrees or under.

Otherwise if you are a lunar person, ie A Cancerean, have the moon conjunct AC or MC, or have cancer rising you will always feel moons strongly.

The general mood of the moon applies to every one, some people are more sensitive to the planets than others.

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Also check out your progressed planets and see if they follow the criteria I have just stated. This is activating my ascendant, almost exactly conjunct within 22 minutes. I am fortunate, lucky, blessed and on the road to lifetimes healing. Thank you Marina for everything. If you are as decent as you can be moral and kind , then I am certain you attract them the baddies , they certainly hone in on you.

So, something I have found useful although devastating is the composites of anyone you meet in life. Parents, siblings,family, lovers, bosses etc. Venus is a good one and the composite sign its in…..

Mother & Child Reunion

It does not matter if you are supposed to love them or indeed fall in love with them, its all written for you to take note. Wishing you and yours and everyone reading this a good Christmas and a great Married 2nd husband who is as non violent as the first was vicious, he married his 1st awful wife with Saturn on 3 Taurus Transit, 28 years later we married with Saturn reversed on 3 Taurus!

Taurus the Bull Sun with a transit of Saturn reversed on our wedding day, and,no I did not know astrology back then. Met him through misdirected phone call with Uranus exact on his Mercury Aquarius, 1 degree from my Chiron, married a few weeks later with Uranus on my Chiron with Venus opposition on the North and South nodes of Neptune.

And, he was a telephone engineer Aquarian Sun to my Cancerian Sun, completely inconjunct. But we do act like the stuck and staid Taurus Sun. And, yes, he did bullshit me. Your email address will not be published. Skip to content Search for: Share on Facebook Share.